2019 Keynote

Perfectly you: Authenticity is our best currency

Presenters: Mariana Atencio, MSNBC & NBC News

From the playground to the board room, all of us have tried to fit in at some point — and felt like we failed. We may blame it on our looks, background, or personalities. Know why? Because we create a list of positive and negative traits based on society’s standards of the “it” people we choose to compare ourselves to. What if instead of looking outside we focus on the best WE have to offer?

Award-winning journalist, viral TEDx speaker, and author Mariana Atencio will show you how flipping the script to turn perceived disadvantages into strengths becomes the key to personal and professional success. Let’s unlock that untapped potential and make it our best currency! Mariana will share the lessons learned in her unique journey: from migrating to the US as a young adult to making the coveted crossover from Spanish to English speaking television as one of the few Latina national correspondents to finding the power of her voice through her memoir Perfectly You, an inspirational experience filled with takeaways to discover the authentic spark within yourself and your team.

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